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Signs of the Times

Self-Care In The Midst Of It All (Recent contributing article for a wellness space)

The days we’re living in are an unsettling surprise to us all. Around the globe, we are
experiencing emotions of all sorts that are most times leaving us with feelings of “What
to do now” or “What’s next”? While these are all natural, this is an ideal time to shift your
focus towards mind/body practices that will provide a bit of respite through these times.
Here are a few things to add to your mind/body repertoire....


Dedicate at least 10 minutes of the day to meditation. There are several resources
online providing guided meditation that can be easily incorporated into the beginning,
middle or end of your days. Clear your mind. Breathe.


Express your feelings through writing. There was a time that I would write "Morning
which allow you to put all your thoughts on paper in the morning freeing up your
day for enhanced focus.

Explore your passions. We are all multi-faceted beings. While you may have a
specific career, you also have a myriad of interests. Explore them, create!

Spend time in nature. Flourishing greenery and beautifully growing
flowers aid in peace of mind.

Include a mind/body movement regimen such as yoga or running. Both are fantastic
ways to increase resilience, find calm, building strength and balance.

Look for joy. Even in the midst of these times, there are elements of joy in every
day...a refreshing glass of lemon water, a beautiful sunrise. Notice and smile :)

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